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Appliance Repair Tips

10 DIY tips for appliance maintenance and repair
1. Locating appliance access screws: Many DIY people find trying to locate access screws difficult. Some access point screws can be so hard to locate that you can end up taking apart everything but still not be able to open up the appliance. A good idea would be open up the manufacturer’s nameplate. Just unscrewing the mounting screws should be enough to open up the appliance.
2. Getting through a plastic housing: Many appliances available today do not have screws so opening them up can be a tricky task. Molded plastic housing type cases can only be opened after a thorough inspection in order to find their closest seam and then use this to pry open the appliance with the help of a pry tool.
3. Picking up dropped parts: one of the biggest challenges when repairing appliances is trying to find tiny parts which inevitably fall off the table. One good method of finding these parts is to turn off all excess lighting, close the blinds in order to make the room dark and then using a flashlight scan the floor using a swinging action similar to a search light. This is a really effective method since it will reveal the shadows of the object.
4. Opening up air vents of home appliances: Often times appliances which are motor powered may begin to malfunction owing to blocked vents. The obstruction will cause poor circulation of air which in turn causes overheating. When faced with a situation like this the best thing you can do is to use a small pipe cleaner to break up the large chunks of dirt into small ones which can then be pulled out using a handheld vacuum cleaner.
5. Power supply issues: When appliances such as air conditioners and heaters fail the faulty culprit can often be the power supply of the unit. While at first inspection major repairs may be one of your diagnoses, simply replacing the power supply of the unit in most cases fixes the problem. This is usually the case with appliances which have suddenly stopped working.

10 DIY tips for appliance maintenance and repair

6. Keep yourself grounded: static electricity is known to damage circuits and major components. This is why it is strongly recommended that you always ground your body prior to working on an appliance.

7. Clean up refrigerator coils: Now depending on your specific model the coils can either be located behind the kickplate or on the rear of the appliance. All you’ve got to do here is to clean up all the particles of dirt using a vacuum cleaner. This should be done every twelve months.

8. Make sure to discharge an appliance: Appliances which store electricity such as CRT televisions can store a rather lethal charge. This is why opening up the device will be dangerous. The best way to deal with an appliance like this is to unplug it and let it stand for a few hours or even a day until you’re sure all the electricity has drained out.

9. You should always clean your dishwasher’s sprayer: The most common reason why the sprayer could not be working is because it is clogged. All you need to do is to remove the sprayer and immerse it in warm water and white vinegar for a few hours. Finally using a common pipe cleaner you can clean out each and every hole.

10. Fist out last in: It can be difficult to put appliances which have many small parts together again. However, a rule of thumb is that the parts you take out first go in last and vice versa.

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